Favorite media

Here is some of my favorite internet media.

What makes these channels my favorite is mainly that they all have changed my mind about something and have effect on my live. I hope for the better but i wouln'd be suprised if some things i have "learned" are incorrect or are way more complex.


Some channels that made me think and see the world in a different way.

There is way more media that changed my mind about things but these are some channels where lots of videos made me explore new things.

Rare Earth

"I'm just trying to tell a story that matters."

Jacob Geller

"Talking about video games, history, politics, empathy, and more- typically at the same time, always unpredictably."

Oki's Weird Stories

"The Theatre of the Absurd"


These channels have learned me a lot of things about a lot of random topics.

The topcis are very diffrent from in dept news videos to a story about Nascar's Talladega track.

These have a lot overlap with other categories but every channel under here has such diffrent content that's it's hard to tell exacly what kind of channel they are.

Folding Ideas

"Dan Olson is an Alberta based documentarian making videos on a broad range of subjects rooted in stories and how they reflect and shape the world around us."


"I think Lemon has been on a downward spiral mentally and now he's lost it completely."


No channel description


"I make videos"

channel logo


"We onderzoeken. We vragen door. We laten zien. We geven verdieping en context. We controleren de macht. Respectvol en kritisch. Bij Nieuwsuur zie je indringende verhalen die je raken en aan het denken zetten. Je weet niet alleen wat er gebeurt, maar ook hoe en waarom. Verslaggevers en redacteuren graven diep om de waarheid te onthullen. Je ontdekt verschillende invalshoeken en hoort nieuwe opvattingen. Zo blijf jij kritisch kijken naar de wereld om je heen."


Personally i don't really like history but when someone speaks about it with passion some topics most things can become very interesting.

There are more channels under here that explain lots of history topics but usually they have some sort of point to make or a philosophical underline.


"Long-form videos about space and mysteries and whatnot."


"Armchair documentaries, almost weekly."


These are 2 very diffrent channels.

The first channel is a channel that talks about video game reviews in a maybe way to in depth way. It opened my eyes to detials i never noticed before and it has changed the way i treat games.

The second one is "just" a channel that presends games &-ideas in a very fun way. And i have enjoyed all video so far.


"Welcome to the Dark Souls of games media"

Programming / Tech

These are some channels i like to watch programming related videos of.

Except Level 1 Tech/Linux i mainly like the host(s) of these channels they seem like people that are very interested and knowlaged in the topics they cover.


"We are passionate about technology and how it shapes our world. We create videos to share our knowledge about tech, science and design."


"This is our Linux & Open Source channel. On this channel we cover more in-depth videos for mostly basic and intermediate level projects with the open source operating systems based around (but not limited to) Linux and FreeBSD."

Sebastian Lague

"Hello, on this channel I explore how to create stuff out of code. I hope you find some of it interesting!"

Freya Holmér

"I do videos on tech art, math, game dev, and whatever else I want to project to your screens"

Jon Gjengset

"We're building libraries and tools in the Rust programming language!"

Climate change

Ya i know climate change feels like bs but we have to deal with it one way or another.

The first channel made me discover a lot of things about climate change i did not know before so i tought it's a worth entry here.

The second one speaks a lot about E-Biking especially in America, as i'm from the Netherlands biking is just a normal thing but it suprised how people in other countries think about biking. This channel was a big eye opener for me.

Climate Town

"Rollie Williams and a ragtag team of climate communicators, creatives and comedians are here to examine climate change in a way that doesn’t make you want to eat a cyanide pill. Get informed about the climate crisis before the weather does it for you."


"Electric bikes have surged in popularity, and so have the number of models. We play matchmaker every day, helping customers figure out what they actually need and direct them to their best fit. The best part of our job is watching people light up after their first e-bike experience. We've also made long-distance purchases a comfortable process by being readily available to out of state customers. All bikes are tested and tuned before shipping and require only minimal assembly. We are also committed to continuing to take care of our customers long after their purchase."