USB C to Displayport 1.4

(In search of a USB C to Displayport 1.4 80k 60hz)

I have an ultrawide 1440p 144hz monitor with 3 inputs, 1 displayport and 2 HDMI ports.

The HDMI version of this monitor is to low to even support 1440p 144hz, so i'm required to use DP (Displayport).

On my pc this issn't a big issue as it has a DP 1.4 output but my laptop (Mabook Pro with m chip) only has usb c ports and 1 hdmi port with hdmi version 2.0.

It seems like i need either one of 2 things to use my display on my macbook.

  1. A active hdmi 2.0 to displayport 1.4 adapter.
  2. A usb c to displayport 1.4 cable or dongle.

I haven't yet tried option 1 yet but i might do that some day.

I've focused on option 2 for now.

But finding a converter that can actually do 1440p 144hz is a bit of a challenge. The internet is full of converts that only convert to displayport 1.2 or AlternateMode 1.4 and even worse a lot of false advertising.

Here is what i found so far.

Tested and working converters:

Seem interesting but have not tested:

Notes / Important

Aditional resources

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